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Barclays Cycle Hire – the 2011 Winner

The Brit Insurance Designs has recently been held, giving the British a huge number of opportunities to admire the newest findings in the world of furniture design, graphic design, and transport design. There have been many more categories in which the prominent British and worldwide brands and designers competed, but the transport design category deserves separate attention since it possesses the direct benefit for London. The Barclays Cycle Hire company has become the winner this year for its program Transport for London & Serco. The gist of the program was to create new cycling routes for users in London, thus encouraging people to use more ecologically safe and healthier means of transport – bicycles. The program was mostly successful in London, thus winning the company a 2011 award.

I was interested in the problems of transport in large cities, so before visiting the exhibition I had used essay writters  at a custom essay service on the alternative means of transportation in mega-polis areas. The Barclays Cycle Hire has become extremely popular for the luggage bags situated in front of the bicycle , and the program became more popular within 3 months, expanding the number of docking stations tremendously . There is much administrative support for the program nowadays, and there are new cycle routes created in London with the hope that soon the bicycles will become the typical London transport alongside with the black cabs and red buses so loved by tourists and native Londoners.


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